I feel like my tail has been getting in the way so much lately.

It’s just really hard to sit comfortably on anything that doesn’t have an open back, and I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing my pants really low so it doesn’t feel like the base is getting squished.. It feels like it’s getting bunched up really painfully like it’s gonna snap.

Does anyone else with a big tail get this kind of feeling? Is there a way to prevent it? :/

Theory: all the thugs with sagging pants are actually tailed otherkin.

Another theory: muffydarlin is a deluded fucking idiot and/or attention whore. (“Please give me advice for this made-up problem I have!!”)

Please help…


I’m so worried…..I got a text from bear saying she needed me, but I was just called to dinner. I havent been able to get ahold of her since. Please…I’m very worried about Bear…if anyone has talked to her in about the past hour and a half could you let me know? I need to know she’s okay

Hey… tumblr… look… how… caring… I… am…

ugh fuck now i have triggered myself so much


sex and masturbation and everything gets even more complicated with my plurality— In a lot of ways I worry about my headmates’ and my consent with each other and it is quite possible / probable that we have assaulted or raped each other and that’s a really scary thing too because, well, obviously it’s scary. I don’t really know how to handle that, honestly. I wish I also knew for sure what the truth is, I wish I could communicate with my headmates better so we could know what exactly is happening or not, if someone (me or someone else) has assaulted/raped someone else in our system or not. It’s horrible I know.




Okay, the first nest I made failed but the second one… I woke up in exactly the same position I’d curled up in, having not woken up in the night or taken very long to fall asleep at all. I’m all achey and weird-feeling now because I’m not used to sleeping well. Wow.

maybe you should sleep in a bed in a proper position instead of pretending to be a bird and sleeping in a nest

Wow indeed. What a moron.





Why are there so many posts about multiplicity in the otherkin tag?

They aren’t really related…

Maybe because one or more (even all) members of a multiple system can be otherkin? (nonhumans in a presumably human body, i.e. the host body) Although I do find it a little odd when people seem to treat “multiple” as itself a type of otherkin, yeah.

Of course an othekrin can be in a multiple system! It just seems odd that everyone’s treating multiplicity and otherkin like they’re ALWAYS intertwined?

I think it is because people who are not otherkin or multiple stumble on people who are both, then decide to lump it all together under one big, ‘not worth the air I breathe; commence harassment and lawls’ umbrella. That’s our commonality, right there. That umbrella. 

You guys sure do love the word ‘harassment’.


So I was banned from Dreamhart after a single post. Way lame. Unbelievably  so.



I do believe I have discovered another kin type. I have always felt draconic, but never looked into it for whatever reason.


Existence is not a roleplay.


Being multiple is not a game.

Oh that’s real’ deep, person who thinks she’s a fictional car (among other things).